You are done with standing on the “plateau”, peering over the edge at experiences and results you can’t quite manifest. 

You see where you want to go, but you can’t seem to get both feet off the ledge. You are tired and bored with looping in the same experiences over and over.

You’re ready to level up in your health, your wealth, your business and your life right now, and stop looking in the rearview mirror.

Follow the Eagles is a deep and powerful  journey into your TRUE NATURE that will bring your intuition online like never before. You’ll watch yourself make powerful choices and actions, as you spread your wings and propel yourself off the plateau.

This intimate group program is for you if you are:

  • Ready to break-up with overwhelm, distraction and procrastination…
  • Feeling like you can’t execute the next move to make…
  • Knowing what to do, but watching yourself repeat old habits instead…
  • Ready to jump in with your entire being.

This is not for those who prefer to just dip a toe in, or have a preference for journaling, visualizing and affirmations. This is about jumping into the arena with your entire being and playing full out.

Follow the Eagles is deep work, it requires your willingness to participate fully. It will plant you in your power with a clarity you didn’t know was possible as you do what needs to be done to bring your dream life to you.

No more wishing. No more chasing. No more faffing about.

you are ready to take flight...

Program begins: September 2023
Spots are limited in this intimate, focused program. Secure your seat now.

The cost is CAD$777, your transformation is priceless.

Payment Plans are available, reach out if you need that.

Not sure you have what it takes? Book an InSight Call and find out.

Expectations & Deliverables

  • You have dreams but no matter how hard you try, you just haven’t been able to bring the experiences fully to life. You loop through the same results month after month.

  • Through weekly sessions and daily support, I’ll unlock the Eagle codes that bring your intuition online and your submission to follow it.

  • We will  engage Alchemy, Quantum Flow and Laser Coaching to nail the precision needed to get you over the edge and creating with power.

  • In addition to the live component, you agree to show up fully for your yourself and for vision both on and offline.

Working with Heather...