It's time to Soar...

You’ve been stuck on a plateau, looking over the edge at a “future moment” where the experiences you truly want appear to be. 

You’re frustrated with looping in the same results over and over, feeling powerless to jump off, spread your wings and soar. You feel it down to your core.

Follow the Eagles is a deep and powerful transformative journey into your creative power. In this container, you’ll unlock the power in your mind and body as your sight becomes simultaneously broad and keenly focused. We’ll unravel the exact moves you need to make to bring your goals to life, and you’ll make them without hesitation. 

No more wishing. No more chasing. No more visualizing from a distance. Follow the Eagles is where we activate your core as you leap into the arena with your entire being and play in the quantum field of YOUR power and creation.

Come with curiosity, and we’ll activate the clarity, creativity and boldness you’ve been waiting for and create the goals you’ve been looking at off in the distance.

Follow the Eagles and bring it to your Now.
Let's get started...

There are only a few openings for this deep and priceless transformation... secure yours now.

The cost is CAD$3,000.

Payment Plans are available, reach out to inquire.

Not sure?  Book a free InSight Call to explore if this is the right fit for you.

Expectations & Deliverables

  • Through private sessions, daily support, and accountability, we’ll activate the Eagle codes in you core, and land you in your unshakable presence, keen intuition, and power to create in the most fun way!

  • We’ll engage Quantum Alchemy, Archetypal Activations, and Laser Coaching to quickly clear blocks, alchemize energy, and unleash your True Nature and embodied power.

  • You’ll craft this into your business offers, marketing, and sales and daily choices for your ultimate health. 

  • In addition to the live components, you agree to show up fully for yourself and your goals whether you’re online or offline, working on your business or choosing your outfit for the day.

Working with Heather...