Quantum Play Activation

dissolve energetic blocks, live in your body, and be Unshakeable...
Regardless of circumstance

A Quantum Play Activation is a potent 1:1 session where we drill down DEEPLY to the precise block that has been keeping you looping in your current circumstances, unable to create what you truly have a taste for.

We engage a precise activation customized for you to uproot and dissolve the core lie that has been holding you back.. Then you lock into the activation in your BODY, a KEY COMPONENT to fully reclaim your power and ensure old habits no longer derail you. 

This session is about unleashing yourself and standing firmly in the field of infinite possibilities, no matter your current circumstances, thoughts or emotions.

From this place, fully present in your body, you are open and available to stream your unique and unleashed genius, moment-by-moment, playing in the quantum field as you create your  business, relationships, money, health, etc.

With this activation you will experience the release, the unleashing and how to bring your Presence to the Present and see your circumstances shift dramatically…

🔥 Let’s gooooooo!!!!

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This is a 90-minute 1:1 session, though I recommend you clear 2 hours so you have integration time after the call. Unleashing your power to create is priceless.

Cost: $333

What happens in my session?

  • We begin by exposing the precise core lie that is currently holding your power and keeping you stuck.

  • Using a variety of techniques as the moment calls for, I guide you to uproot that lie and fully reclaim that power in your BODY, not just your mind. This is key.

  • Standing in  your pure presence, we then design your next powerful move to lock in the activation and never look back.

The journey to unleash your power and unlock your creative gold starts with uprooting the core lie that is currently running the show. A limiting belief, a self-imposed barrier or a habitual mindset that doesn’t serve you.

With a Quantum Play Activation session we engage techniques tailored precisely to your specific situation in order to unearth that lie and dismantle it for good.

This activation enables you to fully reclaim your power – not just mentally, but in your BODY, allowing you to command your life and confidence.

With this unlocked, we then design your next move to lock in the activation and ensure that you never look back. With my guidance, you can finally step into your true self and achieve what you’ve been dreaming of.

"I got 5 new high-paying clients in a week!! Heather put me through the fire. It wasn't easy, but it was necessary. And the alchemy part was pure gold!!"
Misha Almira
“Heather keeps things focused and asks the right questions to help me dig deeper right into the core. Her work is really powerful and always has an unexpected impact on me! ”
Sonya Wilson