You’ve been good at manifesting, in the past, but it feels different now. You’re struggling to create the results you want implementing the tools, programs, templates, mindset and methods that have worked in the past.

You’re feeling tired and honestly quite bored with the repetition, looping in the same outcomes over and over. At the edge, when you get raw and real, you’re wondering how much longer can you keep trying when it seems nothing you do is taking you where you really want to go? You’re so ready to get off the plateau you’ve been stuck on.

You are ready to UnLeash.

In UnLeashed we journey into your BODY, your CREATIVE POWER and your PRESENCE and set this as the foundation for everything you create ~ all the structures, decisions, strategies and actions that design your life and business.

In this 9-week container you will push your edge farther than you think possible, and connect far more deeply with your body of work ~ the one that unleashes the next level version of YOU.

Engaging Quantum Body Activations, Quantum Flow, and other alchemy modalities you will release blocks and distortions that have kept you looping. You will learn to move from your core in every decision and every action, selecting to remain in your power regardless of circumstances or opinions (yours or others).

With power reclaimed, you stream through your most delightful spirit-level creations ~ the stuff that is naturally magnetic to the clients, people and experiences you want because it is YOU.

Not a copy, not a template, not a script.

The next level UnLeashed version of YOU.

It’s time to let YOUR unique tone of magic run wild in the world!


Free to design and play in a brand new experience…

To truly unleash, we will weave through the following modules and call out ALL the areas where you try to SQUIRM your way around the matter at hand.

In UnLeashed you plant your roots so you can soar with the eagles, no longer peering over the edge of the plateau but leaping in with your whole body…


  • Landing in your Power
  • You – raw, real & present
  • Unhooked from beliefs (+ your secret addictions)


  • Building your business stage
  • Designing your bold offer
  • Selecting your systems and structures


  • Moving in your Body World
  • Choices, decisions & consistency
  • Honing your laser focus


  • Reading the room
  • Working with the unseen
  • Playing in the Quantum field


  • Feet to the fire
  • Alchemy of the elements
  • Igniting your creativity


  • What you really want
  • Unleashing your magic
  • Putting it all “out there”

UnLeashed Application

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You can finally admit that you’re bored with the repackaged and regurgitated, tired of looping in the same information and your same “not-quite it” results over and over. You know there is more to YOU, to LIFE and your BUSINESS.

But you can’t quite ignite the lift off!

You’ve given your power away to habits, excuses, people and circumstances.. To fears, the past and a perceived future. The ignition you seek requires you to unhook yourself, reclaim your power and unleash your core magic to run wild precisely as it is designed to do.

This is the work we do in UnLeashed. It’s not always comfortable to unhook from addiction, but it’s incredibly powerful. Get into your body and you KNOW. 

This is an intimate container with your feet on the ground. It is not about information and how-to’s, it is about truly UnLeashing and engaging the art of activation to pull through the offers, experiences and people that your soul truly desires.