90-days to increase your cash sales

UnLeash yourself, your energy and your business and create content that puts your genius on display and creates sales.

UnLeashed is a 12-week practicum where you will connect even deeper with your body of work and your unique core frequency as you push your edge farther than you think possible.

In this container you will pull through the magnetic content that is within you and craft it into potent offers and marketing that disrupts even your own narrative. You will UnLeash from the templates you thought were required and learn to consistently host the energy of your offers through to completion/sales.

UnLeashed is where you step fully into your power as you pull through magnetic content that converts because it activates the people who need what you have and are ready to pay you for it.

You are bored with the repackaged, recycled and relatable. You desire the depth that cuts through the narratives and activates clients to naturally move towards you.

You are ready for Dark Marketing ~ unleashed and deliciously current.

In this container you will delete habits and patterns as you step fully into your unleashed power ~ free from collective narratives and templates.

In here, you will unleash your unique tone and push your edge farther as you unravel the diamonds in your content and your sales.

This is an intimate container with your boots on the ground. Be prepared to engage fully and create masterful content that activates the exact people your work is designed for.

This is not about collecting information, it is about UnLeashing and engaging the art of Dark Marketing to make your business matter and bring your vision to life.

Investment: CAD$1,800

What is Dark Marketing & why does it matter?

UnLeashed at a Glance

To create the cash sales you desire, you will move through these modules throughout this experience. The goal is always to be in your power, to make the necessary sacrifices and the bold moves we identity as your unique strategy. I will not hold your hand, but I will call you out any shadow moves or content that I see so you can alchemize and upgrade as needed and sell your offer.

  • Fundamentals of dark marketing
  • How and why to UnLeash from the Collective
  • Own your tone, your frequency, your genius
  • Go dark to upgrade your offer, and alchemize ALL shadow in the way
  • Design your marketing game
  • Set your standards higher
  • Build a solid frame & plug up the leaks
  • Your presence in the present
  • Communicate your REAL offer
  • UnLeash your marketing and activate your audience
  • Show up in your full power, even in the shower
  • Your body in your business
  • Making the required sacrifices for True freedom
  • Put your genius on full display
  • The portals to your next upgrade
  • Staying fluid and flexible
  • Maintaining focus in the face of sneaky, subtle and subversive
  • Training your vision
  • Taking the left turn with power
  • Keep your feet to the fire
  • Let it burn
  • Choose your mastery

UnLeashed Application