~ increase your cash sales ~


UnLeashed is a 9-week journey where you will connect deeply with your body of work and the core frequency of what you are selling. In here you will push your edge farther than you think possible.

We begin by clarifying your offer, removing the fluff until it is potent. You will create powerful marketing that is magnetic to the people you want to work with ~ content that disrupts even your own narrative. UnLeashed from the templates you thought were required, you will learn to host the precise energy required for magical sales to happen.

We'll uproot core shadows and pull content from your unleashed power to activate the people who need what you have and are ready to pay you for it.

You are bored with the repackaged, recycled and relatable. You desire the depth that cuts through the narratives and activates clients to naturally move towards you without trying so hard.

You are ready for Dark Marketing ~ unleashed and deliciously current.

In this container you will delete habits and patterns. You will unleash your unique tone and the diamond foundation for your content and sales.

This is an intimate container with your feet on the ground. Be prepared to engage fully and create masterful content that activates the exact people your work is designed for.

This is not about collecting information, it is about truly UnLeashing and engaging the art of dark marketing to make your business matter. Because it’s time for you to submit to the sales that you want.

Investment: $1,800

What is Dark Marketing & why does it matter?

UnLeashed at a Glance

You will weave through all modules throughout this experience. The goal is always to be in your unleashed power, and making the bold moves we identity as your unique strategy. I will not hold your hand, but I will call you out any shadow moves or content, so you can alchemize and upgrade as needed to make the sales you desire.

  • Fundamentals of dark marketing
  • Pulling marketing from your current 
  • Hosting your offer & sales in your body
  • Design your game
  • Raise your standards
  • Build a solid frame & plug up leaks
  • Communicating your offer
  • UnLeash marketing to activate your audience
  • Stop waivering and collapse the sales gap
  • Making the required sacrifices
  • Putting your genius on full display
  • Marketing as a portal
  • Maintaining focus in the face of sneaky, subtle and subversive
  • Training your vision
  • Taking the left turn
  • Avoiding the collapse
  • Feet to the fire
  • Choosing mastery

UnLeashed Application