Quantum Tone

You have a vision, a taste for the experiences you want in your life and business. You sense it, and know it deep in your bones. 

You love to play, to dream and vision and you desperately want to make it all real, to bring your vision into a reality you can share with others.

But there is something in your way, some distortion that keeps future moments appearing more euphoric than this current one you are experiencing.

You reach for your vision but it slips through your fingers no matter what you do or how much action you take.

You know it’s possible at your core. You taste the frequency of it and know that no one else can do it for you. You struggle to stand on its precision and watch as the moments continue to slip by.

You desire to live it now. To design it and animate it in your life right now. To know it and be it beyond any shadow of doubt.

You desire to make it matter.

To deliver your unique frequency, vision and magic into the world through…

every experience you design and deliver

every drop of content you create

every result that you experience

In your Quantum Tone Activation, we drill down to the very CORE and CLEAR the distortion that has been keeping your vision in a future moment. You will know without a doubt what your next move is.

You will know it in your body.

And with this precision you will animate the PRECISE tone that brings your pure desire into the world.

You naturally desire an abundance of creativity, fun, and magic. A life that moves you through euphoric evolution as you wish to design it.

The requirement is the animation of your true and unique frequency ~ to bring that fully online in your body and expression.

Nothing else will so deeply satisfy you.

The Quantum Tone is the echo that carries the pure frequency through everything you create and deliver into the 3D world. 

It is the missing piece from the business you’ve been trying to build but that has left you dissatisfied.

The Quantum Tone is beyond all of the shadow, masks, templates and pretense. It lies waiting in a deep and penetrating silence, and it can wait forever.

In this session, you will clear distortion as you turn directly towards your unique frequency and learn to express the pure tone as you can jump in with both feet. 👣


Clear distortion

We drill down to the exact debris and distortion and clear the path for you to choose what to make matter.


Activate Alchemy

Through alchemy you activate the tone of your true frequency and animate the precise power archetype to


Animate the Tone

With your frequency fully embodied, you activate the precise tone to purely express your frequency into everything that you create in your life and business.

Your Quantum Tone Activation includes:

  • Pre-assignment to be completed before your session
  • A private zoom session where we will dig deep to expose and unhook shadow, access your unique frequency and alchemize the distortion that has been keeping you stuck. 
  • This requires an extreme level of honesty and may include energy work, bodywork, breathwork, shadow alchemy and/or laser coaching.
  • You will learn simple yet powerful alchemy tools you can engage ongoing to nail the precise Quantum Tone in everything you create.
  • You will receive a beautiful record of the experience, to refer back to as required.
Your investment: CAD$550