Magnetic Marketing Lab

Engage Alchemy & Create Magnetic Content that sells your offer

You create content to make sales in your business, and bring paying clients into your world. Yes, there are other reasons but to make the income you desire you must take responsibility for your marketing.

In the Magnetic Marketing Lab you will be guided to pull through your most potent and current topics, and craft them into powerful content that is highly magnetic to the people who need what you offer and are willing to pay you for it.

With that single focus crafted and clarified, you will then design multiple expressions to fill out your content calendar across your marketing platforms.

When is the next lab?

9:00am - 11:00pm PST
Cost: $75

What happens in the lab?

  • We begin by exposing what is current and most magnetic for you and your body of work right now.

  • I take you deep and narrow into that current to uncover the true diamonds ready to be revealed.

  • You craft these diamonds into a highly magnetic piece of content, with precision and a powerful focus.

  • You will then extract multiple expressions of this focused content to use across your marketing platforms and fill out your content calendar.

"I got 5 new high-paying clients in a week!! Heather put me through the fire. It wasn't easy, but it was necessary. And the alchemy part was pure gold!!"
Misha Almira
“Heather keeps things focused and asks the right questions to help me dig deeper right into the core. Her work is really powerful and always has an unexpected impact on me! ”
Sonya Wilson