MAGIC & Mastery bootcamp

It's time to Unleash Your Magic


In the Magic & Mastery Bootcamp you will uncover why you loop and you will engage the exact alchemy needed to quantum leap out of that experience and into what you truly want to create.

In this container you will ShapeShift. You will unleash your true magic and learn to read and work with energy across every area of your life. This is where you make shadow no longer matter and take a stand for what you really want. 

You are ready to fully show up for what you say you want, you are done with looping in what you don’t want, and you’re willing to sacrifice instant gratification for your Big Life Vision.

Magic & Mastery is a highly focused 4-week container where you select and commit to 2 clear soul-level goals: 1 money goal + 1 body goal.

You will release your past and limiting beliefs as you bring your BODY and INTUITION fully online. You will shapeshift into your most incredible, powerful and magical self and you’ll never look back.

This is where the work becomes a whole lot of fun and your creativity explodes in unimaginable and abundant ways as you bring your Big Life Vision to life!

Launch your Eagle Magic because you know it’s time to soar and you’re finally ready to take responsibility for what you really want. 


Once your payment is complete, look for the welcome email to book your sessions.
The cost is $1,000, your transformation is priceless.

Not sure you have what it takes? Book an InSight Call and find out.

Expectations & Deliverables

  • You have dreams but no matter how hard you try, you just haven’t been able to bring the experiences fully to life. You loop through the same results month after month.

  • In Magic & Mastery you commit to whatever it takes and agree to not waver. I’ll have my eagle eyes on you to call out the wavering!

  • Through weekly sessions and ongoing chat support, I’ll unlock the Eagle codes that will bring your magic & mastery online as you submit to your creation.

  • We will  engage Shadow Alchemy, Quantum Flow and Laser Coaching to nail the precision needed to get you over the edge.

  • In addition to the live component, you agree to show up fully for your yourself and for vision both on and offline.

"I got 5 new high-paying clients in a week!! Heather put me through the fire. It wasn't easy, but it was necessary. And the alchemy part was pure gold!!"
Misha Almira
“Heather keeps things focused and asks the right questions to help me dig deeper right into the core. Her work is really powerful and always has an unexpected impact on me! ”
Sonya Wilson