You’re more than ready to uplevel your income and create the cash sales that you know are possible. You’re ready to delete your current experience and boldy create a new one for yourself.

You are done with settling for less in your money, health, relationships, business and clients.

You are ready to meet to the Executioner and quantum leap off the plateau you’ve been tethered to for far too long.

With the precision of the executioner’s blade, you will offer up your current in exchange for your boldest, most energetically aligned self. You will sacrifice your blocks, habits, beliefs, previous attempts and all distortion that has been holding you in place.

You agree to do what is needed to unleash your power to create and design your new story now. You’re willing to submit to extreme clarity over comfort, and precise action over habits. 

In this VIP experience, we craft the precise strategy to create and deliver your most potent and magical business, the blueprint that lives in your soul.

You agree to be accountable for the execution, and to return to the blade of precision any time shadow tendencies vie for your attention.

You are serious about pulling your vision through into your 3D world and you are willing to take a clear and solid stand for that above all else.

You are done with the drama, done with the plateau, and ready to leap.

Execution unleashes you from who you have been, what you think you are capable of, and all the past attempts that have not produced the results you truly desire, no matter how hard you’ve tried.

Why? Because in here, you will nail and delete the exact distortion.
In here, you submit to daily decisions that support your vision.
In here, you stop settling.

Execution will propel you into your power, your deepest commitment, and the precise actions required to quantum leap off the plateau and finally create the experiences that you dream of.


Submit your application and if it’s a match we’ll have a call to confirm and finalize the details.  The investment is $12,500.

This is a 1:1 high-engagement, 4-month VIP container that incorporates extreme clarity and powerful strategy for your execution. We will expose your shadow and clear the exact distortions so you can quantum leap your results – in your life and business.

We’ll have strategy sessions and a weekly call, and you will have private access to me with the expectation that you will show up as needed. This means sharing your work, and honestly bringing your resistance, shadows and blocks to the executioners table.

You agree to unleash your power and execute with precision no matter how uncomfortable you may feel. Excuses will be brought to the executioners blade.

You will be invited to optional Quantum Flow sessions. This is a physical practice that quickly clears debris from your nervous system, activates your core and grounds you in your power and execution.

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