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You know what you really want to create in your life… you’ve been dreaming about it, sensing it, visualizing it. And yet it always seems to be just… out… of… reach.

You move towards it, so certain this time, but watch as it silently slips through your fingers once again as you loop in the same results over and over.

You can’t seem to find your way off the plateau, no matter how much you want to see it materialize in your life. No matter how strong your desire for the experience is.

A sacrifice is required.

 Welcome to Quantum Tones, where we do exactly that. In our work we clear distortion, delete the blocks, and unleash your true power to create. We move with the sacrifices required that will actually give you what you want. From this space you build the blueprints, structures and strategy for your focus and frequency to flow through and deliver you into your most magical and delicious experiences!

Choose your portal and let’s get goooooo…..


Magic & Mastery Bootcamp

The Magic & Mastery Bootcamp is a focused 4-week container where you finally submit to creating what you want and unleashing your true magic and power along the way.

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Execution is a high-engagement, VIP container that will propel you into your power, your unwavering commitment, and the precise strategy to quantum leap off the plateau into the life & business you dream of.

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Increase your cash sales in this 9-week practicum where you will UnLeash your energy & your business and engage the art of Dark Marketing to make powerful sales. Be clear in your content, be heard above the noise.

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Magnetic Marketing Lab

In the Magnetic Marketing Lab you will be guided to pull through your most potent and current topics, and craft them into powerful content that is highly magnetic to the people who need what you offer and are willing to pay you for it.

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Quantum Flow

Quantum Flow is powerful embodiment method that quickly clears stuck energy in your body, blocks in your nervous system, and distortion in your energy field.

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Quantum Marketing Session

A deep dive to refine the precise tone of your offer and create the disruptive marketing that is the required frame for your sales to happen. We then weave this into all of your marketing, making it magnetic AF to those who need what you have.

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